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Volunteers are the backbone of Left Coast Crime. If you're looking for a way to have fun, meet fellow mystery lovers, and contribute to the Left Coast Crime convention—volunteer! Please check the box on the registration form or email Lucinda Surber if you are interested in helping with The Great Cactus Caper. (You must be registered for the convention to volunteer.)

Below are some volunteer jobs for your consideration. Please let us know if can think of another way you'd like to help!

Book Bag Sorter
[TUE] Sign up to help move boxes of books for book bags.
Activity Level: High

Book Bag Stuffer
[WED] Sign up to help place materials in book bags on Wednesday.
Activity Level: Moderate-High

Registration Desk Manager
[THUR-SAT] Sign up for a two-hour shift to help Registrar Karen Ringer manage the registration desk. Experience preferred!
Activity Level: Low to Moderate

Registration Desk Helper
[WED-SAT] Sign up for a two-hour shift handing out registration envelopes and tote bags to arriving attendees. No experience required!
Activity Level: Low to Moderate

Silent Auction Room Monitor
[THU-SAT] Sign up for a shift monitoring the Silent Auction Items. Responsibilities include keeping an eye on the silent auction items and answering questions.
Activity Level: Moderate

Program Room Volunteer
[THU-SUN] Sign up for a shift managing a program room. Responsibilities include picking up the panel envelope and setting up the panel name signs, holding up time cards so the panel moderator knows how much time is left before the end of the program, and escorting the panelists to the signing space after the panel. Written instructions will be provided.
Activity Level: Low

Banquet Table Volunteers
[WED-SAT] Sign up for a two-hour shift to help participants choose the author-hosted table they would like to sit at.
Activity level: low