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Left Coast CrimeLeft Coast Crime


What is Left Coast Crime?

Left Coast Crime is a convention of fans and authors who gather during the first quarter of the calendar year in Western North America (as defined by the Mountain Time Zone and all time zones westward to Hawaii) to celebrate crime fiction.

Who is Left Coast Crime for?

Anyone who loves mysteries. Attendees will include hundreds of fans of crime fiction, along with published authors, aspiring writers, librarians, large and small publishers, editors, agents, and booksellers.

What do attendees do?

Our days are built around panel discussions and other programming on a wide variety of topics designed to allow lots of interaction among readers and writers. There are typically four or five programs to choose from at any given moment. They can be humorous or serious, educational or entertaining, and most often are a little bit of everything.

In addition, there are many author signing sessions, a book room, and special events such as award ceremonies, movie nights, and parties. And always, there are a lot of people just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

How can I be part of the event?

Register to attend! And volunteer: Left Coast Crime is organized and put on by a group of dedicated volunteers—and you can be one of them. Get involved onsite by monitoring panels or book signings, stuffing registration packets and book bags, handing out badges, or staffing the hospitality suite. Email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@LCC2016.com.